Koedoe & Co Ocular Wipe


At Koedoe & Co, we love to make your hunting day brighter. And where with to start off better, dan good sight!?

The comfortable Koedoe & Co Ocular wipe is made from special microfiber.

With one wipe, all your scope and binoculars will shine in an instant.

Thanks to the protection sleeve, the washable wipe will remain clean and the buckle makes fixation easy.


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About Koedoe & Co Ocular wipe:

  • ✓ Clear vision
  • ✓ Easy to fixate to binoculars, pouch or bag
  • ✓ Always close when you need it
  • ✓ Infinitely reusable
  • ✓ A modest and appreciated gift
  • ✓ A modest and appreciated gift
  • ✓ Delivery within 2-4 working days

About Koedoe & Co

At Koedoe & Co we create elegant outdoor wear and accessories for every day, made from organic and/or recycled materials. Parts of the profits we spend to improve Biodiversity.